coloured scarves

Colour Consultancy

Colour consultancy helps you to discover the shades that suit you best. Your face shape, skin tone, eyes and hair can change quite dramatically depending on the colours you wear. Some colours seem to add radiance, while others drain the life from your face, making you look tired or unwell.

Finding the right shades for you

Working with me you’ll go on an enjoyable journey of discovery. Colour analysis is simply a journey of discovery for each individual and, together, we’ll find the right shades for you. I will drape fabrics in different colours next to your face in order to determine which colours suit you most. Your face takes the reflection from the drapes, casting either flattering tones or dark shadows, depending on how the colour mixes with your skin tone, and it will be quite obvious which colours to use and which to avoid.

You’ll love the difference

A lot of people are afraid of wearing colour, it’s too easy to stay in a comfort zone. Wearing neutrals seems like the safer option, but even then you need to choose the right neutrals to suit your skin tone. Have you ever noticed how black looks dramatic and sophisticated on some people, and boring and unflattering on others?

Making shopping fun, whatever your budget!

Wearing colours is fantastic when you’ve learned how to make them work for you. Suddenly shopping for clothes becomes fun and exciting, you’ll find it easy to make the right choices and it doesn’t have to stretch your budget either! Learn how to shop in a way that suits you and your bank balance! Traditionally colour consultancy divides people into the shades of the four seasons. Nature got it right! Find out how I can help to put the fun back into your shopping and call me on 07703 254001 for a free 15 minute telephone consultation or contact me via email.

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