What to expect at your consultation

What to Expect

We’ll meet in the colour studio and, after an informal discussion about what you want to get out of your colour analysis and your personal needs, we will get on with the colour analysis to find out which shades suit you. This involves draping fabrics in a range of colours below your face to judge the reflection and understand and identify the right colours for you.

We’ll look at make-up too

Once we’ve established your colours, I apply makeup in your new shades. I then ‘unveil’ the newly made-up you and re-introduce the draped colours so that we can go through the shades that suit you. We’ll also discuss shapes and styles. You will then have a chance to try on clothes in your new colours and practise using accessories, and we will discuss hairstyles. I have a hairstylist that can also be booked. At the end of the session you will leave with a handbag sized colour swatch to take with you whenever you’re shopping together with a healthy dose of self-confidence. Read about the experiences of some of my previous clients:

Where do I start?

“As soon as I arrived I was immediately made to feel very welcome. Anita is very friendly and she very quickly put me at my ease. I was shown up to the studio and following a short conversation was ready to start. It was amazing. I was totally unprepared for the difference that colours could make to your face. Some colours made me look old and drawn while others brightened up my face and took years off me. I was given my colours but it didn’t stop there! Anita had further surprises in store. “We’ll do a mini makeover” she said. Well it may have been a mini makeover to her but it was a revelation to me! With makeup done and with a scarf draped over my shoulders like an evening gown, I was invited to look in the mirror. What a transformation. The ugly duckling had indeed become a swan. Lines were reduced, my face had a definition, my eyes sparkled and had changed from puddle grey to a rich clear blue. I looked younger, more alive and I couldn’t believe it was me. Further scarves followed and then I was shown the difference between wearing the colours that enhanced my face and those that aged it. In one moment I went from a young vibrant woman on one side of my face to an old tired lined woman on the other. I know which one I wanted to see. I left Anita feeling on top of the world. Without the aid of cosmetic surgery, and in about 3 hours I had completely changed and by simply wearing the right colours I can get a wow every day.  Thank you Anita.”  Lynn Warilow, Stanstead.

You opened up the joy of wearing new colours

“I could have sent you a thank you note the very next day after my visit to you because I enjoyed it so much. However I’m glad I waited, because each day has been a new experience since you opened up to me the joy of wearing the correct colours. Vikki and I have been shopping just to get a few things in our correct colours, it makes shopping a breeze, past all the shades no good for me and straight to the right colours. Everything seems to suit me, it’s great. We are saving so much time and money and really enjoying shopping. We bought a couple of lipsticks in the right shade too. In fact with just lipstick and no other make up I’ve been told how well I look. In fact I must share these comments with you. All received in the last three weeks during my day to day work routine. Like… “Have you been on holiday? You look so well.” And… “What have you done, you look so different. I love that top.”Or… “You are looking so well.” And… “I love your outfit.” It has been amazing considering I haven’t had a compliment since forever it I enjoy getting ready, I feel more alive. I know I look well even when I’m tired and best of all it doesn’t take me 10 minutes to get ready. Oh, I nearly forgot, someone said I looked “glamorous”. I know Vikki is having the same experience so thank you so much Anita for enriching our journey through life.” Anne Ivory, Bishops Stortford.

I’m now a “yummy mummy” thanks to you!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me on my way to becoming a “yummy mummy”, as opposed to a beach whale wearing a tent. I can honestly say that my new colourful wardrobe has completely changed the way that I feel about myself. I was shocked at how some colours made me seem tired and washed out, while others brought out my best features, making me look fresh and healthy. Since our appointment, I have obviously only been able to buy maternity clothes, however despite being 5 months pregnant, I’m now always wearing the right colours, so feel feminine and radiant all of the time. I can’t wait to get out to the shops next year and buy a whole new post-pregnancy wardrobe. Just a few months ago, I absolutely hated shopping, but that has certainly changed now because now I know exactly what I’m looking for. The right colour shoes, the right type of jewellery, the right colour bag and the right shade of make-up have had an unbelievable affect on my appearance, and therefore most the way I feel inside. I know now that despite what I thought before, there is no need to let myself go just because I’m expecting. I’m so glad I found you.” Louise Doddington, Hurst.

I had a wonderful day!

Thank you so much for my day with you to create the new me!! For many years I had thought about having a colour ‘make-over’ and just never got round to organising it! As the big 60 approached, I was thinking about how to make sure I did not look anywhere near that age! Then I saw an advert in CM17 for your colour consultation and decided to take the plunge. I just wish I had done it before, not only did I have a wonderful day with you having my colours and styles ‘sorted’ along with great advice about make-up, but also in the afternoon you re-organised my wardrobe. You made it look so much more logical and identified quite a few gaps in colours I needed but just did not own! I always thought I knew which colours suited me and that I did wear bright colours but obviously not – black is off the agenda now, just not me, but I now know what to do to make my little black suit and dress look effective – add a red/turquoise or coral accessory and I look transformed!! I love the new colours and I have found a few tops etc in a great shop in Chelmsford that are totally making a difference to my wardrobe. In addition, you confirmed what my husband has said for a long time – shorten your skirts, the calf length is not right! – I have taken them to for shortening and I know they will look so much better. It was such fun and everybody is now commenting on how different I look and the fact that I am more ‘bubbly’ – I have put some of the photos you took around the house to remind me of the new me, just in case I start to slip! The result has been quite remarkable. The wedding went really well, I was so pleased you advised me against the black dress – the green one with the purple scarf went down very well. I keep recommending you to my friends so hopefully some will be contacting you, look forward to catching up with you again soon.” Jenny Bennett, Old Harlow.

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