These are some testimonials from happy image consultancy clients.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day but Anita soon put me at ease and I found the whole experience very enjoyable. I now carry round my colour chart in my handbag so that I have it for constant reference when out shopping.” Carol Ashurst, Bishops Stortford.

“I was amazed by the difference wearing the right colours can make and to discover the colours I never wear are the ones which suit me the most. Time to ditch the black in favour of my new ‘spring’ colour palette I think.” Mary Clark, Norfolk.

“Thank you for a truly memorable day on Friday, I would never have realised that looking into a mirror could be such fun! The new “colour with colour” look has made me feel SO much younger and my husband adores my more vibrant style. I will certainly be recommending you to friends and colleagues as a gift that keeps on giving. It would make a super wedding package for bride and bridesmaids. Thank you again for your time and care; the consultation experience was a delight from beginning to end and the wonderful surroundings completed a perfect package.” Lady T, Southend.

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today – but perhaps more importantly just how inspirational and, well, damned useful the session was. You’ll see from the photo I’ve already taken your lessons to heart!! That was basically the results of a 5 min trawl in Primark just after I saw you. And all for £39! And this afternoon I filled a large garden waste bag of clothes to go to the charity shop – probably the first of many! And last, but certainly not least, Steve’s impressed! The most unobservant man in the known universe. Just wait til I sort the hair out – he won’t know what’s hit him! Anyway, my dear, thanks again – I really really appreciate it. You’re a genius!”  Sarah, Basildon.

“After my wife used Anita’s service, I noticed a great change in her – not just in her more colourful and zesty appearance, which was immediate to see, but also in her confidence and outlook, that has added tremendous value to many aspects of her life.” Andrew, Dunmow.

“I just had to say what a lovely experience I had today. I am delighted with the results, and I can’t believe how much younger and fresher I look (every woman’s dream!). I feel like something has woken up inside of me. Looking in the mirror I saw a total revelation; it is me looking back, only about 10 years younger, and glowing.” Glynis, Cheshunt.

“Just to say, the confidence you have given me is truly inspiring and I have recommended you to many more people. The right colours can really have a powerful affect on your body and enhancing your personality. Thank you.” Marion, St Albans.

“I was fed up with never finding anything to wear that I was totally happy with. I had lost confidence about choosing clothes – I didn’t feel attracted to the matronly outfits but feared the alternative of looking like mutton dressed as lamb. I still can’t quite understand how it happened, but by the end of my session, my confidence had undergone a complete transformation. I couldn’t believe at first that the person who looked back at me from the mirror was really me – my eyes looked bright and I felt the years had just dropped away. Unlike the short term morale boost of a new haircut. facial or massage, I am convinced the benefits will last for good.” Adrienne, Welwyn.

“Thank you for helping me see what a beautiful, strong and confident lady I really am, with or without make up!  I can’t wait to go shopping and for me to get my new look underway.” Kate, Birmingham.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me on my way to becoming a “yummy mummy”, as opposed to a beached whale wearing a tent. I can honestly say that my new colourful wardrobe has completely changed the way I feel about myself. The right colour shoes, the right type of jewellery, the right colour bag and the right shade of make up have had an unbelievably affect on my appearance, and therefore the way I feel inside. I know now that despite what I thought before, there is no need to let myself go just because I’m expecting. I’m so glad I found you when I did! I’d recommend your services to anyone.” Louise, Brentwood.

“After my divorce, I had become stuck in a rut, wearing “comfy” clothing and little make up. But having had Colour Ananlysis, Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping sessions with Anita, my eyes were suddenly opened to the possibilities of what life could offer. I now feel like a new woman, and have met a lovely new man – all thanks to my new-found self-confidence. I’m 40 and fabulous!” Caroline, Chelmsford.


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